Japan's bluest and beautiful Niyodo River.The color of this river is not one. Every season, every second. Sunshine and sky, the colors of the trees of the mountains are mixed in, one day in azure color, one day to Moe yellow, one day to crimson. Please come to the deep Niyodo River.

What is "NIYODO BLUE" ?

The Niyodo River, which runs through almost the center of Kochi Prefecture, flows from Mt. Ishizuchi, the highest mountain in western Japan, and has been selected as a river with the best water quality eight times in the past 10 years by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
The Niyodo River, which is said to be a miraculous clear stream, has created not only beautiful waterfront scenery but also people’s lives with the water and culture of the area.

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